Stag LED Pilot Lights

The Stag range of LED Pilot Lights use multi-chip technology and are availble in five colours.

Brighter Solutions At The Right Price

The Stag Electrical range of IP67 rated, PLGT LED Pilot Lights use multi-chip technology which produces a bright and even light, through a choice of 5 colours: Red; Green; Blue; Orange & White.

The range is offered in a choice of voltage ratings from 12VAC/DC to 230VAC, and offers a modern and efficient replacement of traditional 22mm indicators. Easy accessible panel locking nut and terminals makes these pilot lights simple to install and replace.

Download the Technical Datasheet here

Meet the range...

Stag LED Pilot Lights are available in 5 different colours and 4 different voltages as follows:

Part Number Lens Colour Voltage Rating Ingress Protection Approvals
PLGT-12-RED Red 12VAC/DC IP67    
PLGT-12-GREEN Green 12VAC/DC IP67    
PLGT-12-BLUE Blue 12VAC/DC IP67    
PLGT-12-ORANGE Orange 12VAC/DC IP67    
PLGT-12-WHITE White 12VAC/DC IP67    
PLGT-24-RED Red 24VAC/DC IP67    
PLGT-24-GREEN Green 24VAC/DC IP67    
PLGT-24-BLUE Blue 24VAC/DC IP67    
PLGT-24-ORANGE Orange 24VAC/DC IP67    
PLGT-24-WHITE White 24VAC/DC IP67    
PLGT-110-RED Red 110VAC/DC IP67    
PLGT-110-GREEN Green 110VAC/DC IP67    
PLGT-110-BLUE Blue 110VAC/DC IP67    
PLGT-110-ORANGE Orange 110VAC/DC IP67    
PLGT-110-WHITE White 110VAC/DC IP67    
PLGT-230AC-RED Red 230VAC IP67    
PLGT-230AC-GREEN Green 230VAC IP67    
PLGT-230AC-BLUE Blue 230VAC IP67    
PLGT-230AC-ORANGE Orange 230VAC IP67    
PLGT-230AC-WHITE White 230VAC IP67    

Stag LED Pilot Light Accessories as follows:

Part Number Product Type For Use With
S22-WRENCH Ø22mm Wrench For Use With PLGT Range


12VAC/DC Red


24VAC/DC Green


110VAC/DC Blue


Ø22mm Wrench